Montblanc StarWalker Platinum – Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen

If you are considering a writing device which is a definitive blend of excellence and elegance, then choose Montblanc. Montblanc has been around for decades and is recognized for its amazing collection since the beginning of the Twentieth Century. The Montblanc StarWalker Platinum – Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen is one such unique gift from Montblanc which mirrors the c13259549981ompany’s brand image. This artifact comes packed in a black box in an attractive design and the contents are comprised of a ballpoint, refill, and a service book.

The Montblanc StarWalker Platinum – Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen has acquired all the exceptional characteristics that any other Montblanc pen has got. There is comprehensive designing done on this ballpoint. The finest approach to ensure that you are purchasing an original Montblanc ballpoint is by comparing the serial number of the pen (on the cover loop) with the serial number found in the service book. If both of them are identical, then you know that it is an original Montblanc product.

This ballpoint is simple to use and carry. Montblanc is recognized for quality with ease of use and this ballpoint describes it flawlessly. A minor rotation at the mid of this ballpoint and the ballpoint unlocks. In an identical manner, a rotation in a reverse way and the ballpoint closes. Using this ballpoint is simple as it sounds. As the designation proposes, the specifics on the ballpoint embrace platinum coating. The inimitable and renowned emblem of Montblanc is present on the cover of the ballpoint.

Refilling Montblanc ballpoints is a simple procedure, lacking any intricate process. The colors existing for Montblanc StarWalker Platinum – Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen refills are Pacific Blue, Mystery Black, Fortune Green, Nightfire Red, Barbados Blue, Amethyst Purple and India Orange. With such numerous colors, the choice and possibilities never cease and this ballpoint endures to astonish.