Montblanc Nightflight Trolley on board 4Wheels Hardshell

While traveling you have only two options, either to be under packed or run through airports with a lot of luggage – even though that’s a good workout. In order to avoid both, Montblanc launched the Nightflight Trolley on board 4Wheels Hardshell. With dimensions of 36 x 53 x 26 cm, this trolley made of polycarbonat468255790_w640_h640_montblanc_logoe in black color with high performance is a treat for the eyes.

We often notice that the first piece of luggage on the carousel does not belong to anyone standing nearby, but this trolley comes with the certainty that it will turn a lot of heads. Running on four robust wheels with aluminum trimmed cases, the Nightflight Trolley ensures a quiet and smooth running.

It comes with a three-length handle extension with two stops to suit the needs of its patrons as per their heights, making it suitable not only for grown-ups, but for young folks. The top of the extension is fitted with a comfortable leather handle for luxury and elegance.

The Nightflight Trolley comes also equipped with rubber zip pullers and luggage tags. It has an interior spacious compartment for clothes with straps which are adjustable as per your needs in addition to three removable sections, i.e. a compartment with one zipped pocket and two view pockets. It has a front zipped compartment with two pockets to allow its user additional space for keeping necessities while traveling. The closure of the trolley is done with the help of two very smooth zippers with kissing sliders to ensure the complete closure and safety of the contents in the trolley.

Additionally, to make it different from other trolleys, this trolley is fitted with Jacquard lining with the Montblanc brand tag and the signature Montblanc emblem with a ruthenium coated ring to reflect the quality standards maintained in this trolley.