Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint

Montblanc has earned its name, goodwill, and mark over a period of many decades. Montblanc is considered to be an ace when it comes to writing instruments. One of the most amazing products of Montblanc is Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint. Like other pens manufactured b13261162651y Montblanc, this one also comes with its own service guide. This pen is a result of detailed work done by in-house craftsmen at Montblanc.

Montblanc Meisterstück Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint is an elegant pen, and it looks even classier because of its precious black color. Its unique serial number is crafted on the cap ring, and it can be matched with the one in the service guide to check the authenticity of the instrument.

The beauty of this writing instrument is in the simplicity it carries. A snap twist at the center of the pen and the pen is ready to write. The same movement in the opposite direction means that the pen is closed. Of course, when you buy a writing instrument and use it, the refill needs to be changed again and again. It is really simple to do that in this case, for all you need to do is open the cap with a twist on one side and change the refill capsule.

This pen looks classy and evokes wealthyness because of the platinum detailing done on it. The trademark star emblem of Montblanc looks lovely on the cap. If you are bored of one color ink then you don’t have to repeat it because there are many colors available to choose from. These colors are Mystery Black, Amethyst Purple, Pacific Blue, Fortune Green, Nightfire Red, Barbados Blue and India Orange. So you can keep changing the color of ink whenever you want. The whole process is seamless and effortless.