Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Fountain Pen with Medium Nib (2851)

“Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas” – E.A. Bucchianeri. To fill that canvas with words, Montblanc presents the Meisterstuck (English: masterpiece). The first Meisterstuck was designed in 1924 and it left an undying impression on writing ethos. This remarkable innovation by Montblanc had represented eminence, antiquity and craftsmanship for epochs. It is not just a status emblem; it imontblanc-meisterst-ck-pens-meisterst-ck-legrand-solitaire-doue-fountain-pen-2e42aa53310b87b876fdaaad0842ace5s a pictogram of your cultural lifestyle, it is an expression that you have something to say.

Fashioned in Hamburg in 1924, Montblanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Fountain Pen with Medium Nib (2851) looks much as it did back then, when it used to be a style icon for flawless and enduring design aesthetics. Handmade of 18K gold by master craftsmans in 35 stages, the soul of a Meisterstuck is in its nib. Since 1929, the number “4810” decorates the nibs of each Meisterstuck, signifying the height at the pinnacle of the Mont Blanc Mountain. The fountain pen runs past 70 additional processes for assembling and testing before it transforms in the Meisterstuck, turning into a coveted object of desire. The Meisterstuck is an inspiring icon of rich tradition as it endures to contour the future of fine writing ethos.

“The Founders of Stylish Writing”, the creators at Montblanc, have been making fine writing instruments for over a century now. To celebrate nine decades of this pen that has marked everything from a teenager’s qualification gift to the autographing of the Golden Book of the city of Cologne when German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer didn’t have a pen, and as an alternative signed with John F. Kennedy’s own Meisterstuck 149, Montblanc has launched limited-edition Meisterstucks as well giving you a chance to own a timepiece of stationery history which represents prestige, success, authenticity and allows you to be a part of history.