Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Coral Fountain Pen

Back in 1906, people l1000275-001-copywere used to dipping the nib of their pens in ink before writing. In those times, Montblanc introduced the so called Rouge et Noir. It was an instant hit because the monotonous work of dipping the nib was not required while using this writing instrument. After so many years, Montblanc decided to bring back this pen to life by introducing the Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Coral Fountain Pen. Once again, it was an instant hit and history was repeated.

It has been 110 years and still this pen has not lost its charm and beauty. Montblanc has introduced this limited edition pen for people who love authentic antiques. Montblanc has kept the essence the same in this limited edition writing instrument however, few details have been changed. Considering the changes that have taken place over years in terms of style and fashion, Montblanc has changed this pen too. It is more slender now as compared to the original one.

A coral coloured precious resin is used for the barrel and cap and the snake clip from the original pen has been maintained intact. Alloy metal has been used to create this snake-resembling clip – complete with two eyes. If you look at the scaling of this snake clip, it can be easily realized that Montblanc has given a lot of attention to the detailing and designing.

Like other precious writing instruments, this one has also got a 18K gold nib which is hand-crafted. It’s polished by rhodium to give it a striking look. A coral colored resin has been used for the cap with the star emblem that is made of coral and ivory resin. It is truly a pen that defines luxury.

Refill options that are available for this pen are Midnight Blue, Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Burgundy Red, Oyster Gray, Lavender Purple, Corn Poppy Red, and Toffee Brown.